Where did Lewis& Clark come from?

Answer President Thomas Jefferson appointed William Clark and Meriwether Lewis to lead the Corps of Discovery on its expedition. Both men were born in Jefferson's native Virginia in the years prior to the... Read More »

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Where did the Lewis& Clark expedititon leave from?

The Lewis and Clark expedition left from St. Louis in May 1804. On September 23, 1806, the group returned to its starting point, where they were welcomed as heroes for their hard work in mapping an... Read More »

When did Lewis and Clark come back home?

Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery expedition returned to St. Louis, Missouri, on Sept. 23, 1806, after 2 years, 4 months and 9 days of exploring the uncharted West, and finding a water rou... Read More »

Where did Lewis and Clark end their journey?

Lewis & Clark's Corps of Discovery expedition reached the Pacific Ocean near the mouth of the Columbia River in November 1805. Today, the Columbia River forms the state line between Oregon and Wash... Read More »

Where were Lewis& Clark born?

Meriwether Lewis, one of the two leaders of the Lewis and Clark expedition, was born in Albemarle County, Virginia, in August 1774. His partner, William Clark, was born in Caroline County, Virginia... Read More »