Where did John Philip Sousa go to school?

Answer John Philip Sousa is recognized as one of America's greatest composers, and yet he never attended college. In fact, Sousa never finished grade school. At the age of 6, Sousa began a musical educati... Read More »

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What are john Philip sousa's siblings' names?

As the body experiences biological changes during pregnancy, this can also cause mood swings. It's only natural and needs to be understood by others that this anger is not directed towards them. No... Read More »

Why was John Philip Sousa join the marine corps band?

His father forced him to enlist to stop him from joining a circus band.

What rank did Sousa make in the Marines?

He attained the Rank of Sergeant Major and resigned as a Warrant Officer. He did gain the Rank of Lieutenant Commander in the Navy during World War One.

Where did John Fitch go to school?

John Fitch did not receive a traditional school education and relied on his natural mechanical knowledge to realize that steam could move a water vessel. Born in 1743 in Windsor, Connecticut, Fitch... Read More »