Where did Greek philosophy start?

Answer Greek philosophy was started in Miletus, Ionia, by a man named Thales. What is now Western Turkey was the location of Ionia. Miletus was a wealthy trading center at the time with a lot of traffic i... Read More »

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What Is Greek Philosophy?

Greek philosophy is a system of thought that focuses on the importance of reason--or of thinking things through. The word "philosophy" means "love of wisdom" (from the Greek words "philo," meaning ... Read More »

When did Greek philosophy begin?

The exact date of the beginning of Greek philosophy is unknown. Thales of Ionia is generally considered the first Greek philosopher. He lived between 624 B C and 546 B. C. It is believed that Greek... Read More »

How Did the Peloponnesian War Influence Greek Philosophy?

The Peloponnesian War was two wars with a short peace in between. It effectively destroyed democracy in Greece. It began with great enthusiasm, yet ended disastrously for Athen's democracy. Greek p... Read More »

Where did the Greek start making their art?

Greek art, which was created throughout the multiple city-states in Greece, began during the Geometric period between 900 and 700 B.C. Art forms that started during this period included epic poetry... Read More »