Are French fries and French toast really from France?

Answer French Fries ( according to the Food Network ) were brought here from France,, By Thomas Jefferson. Yes, That Thomas Jefferson,President #3.French Toast was a way to use bread that was not quite fr... Read More »

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French Toast Plain With Bacon Sausage Ham Eggs Which do you like better with your French Toast?

Yummy...mmmmm..good idea....Sausage, maple flavoured...oh what the hey...bacon too....Want em to cook us some...come on over ...Breakfast with me ...Mr. SA, would you likemilk withthat...Oh no...Mi... Read More »

Where did the French horn come from?

The French Horn is a descendant of animal horn instruments that became widely popular in Europe as the sport of hunting became popular in the 1600s. These horns were refined throughout the 1700s in... Read More »

Where did french pastries come from?

French pastries, such as macarons, eclairs, beignets, croissants, madeleines and viennoiserie, come from various regions of France. Some of the recipes were influenced by cultures other than French... Read More »

Biscuits Waffles or French Toast Which from this list do you like better?

Mornin Scooter, I like em all, but now I'm hungry for French toast, Eggs whipped up with a little milkwith near stale breadthe mix makes the slices feellike melt in the mouth Silk.Fried in a pan un... Read More »