Do Patricia and Eddie kiss in house of Anubis?

Answer They did in House of Silence & House of Hex on 2/10/12

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Did Dagny Taggart betray Eddie Willers by not telling him where Galt's Gulch was in 'Atlas Shrugged'?

She does not tell him because she did not know the exact location herself, so that would not be betrayal.Another view:Of course it was a betrayal. She knew how to get in contact with the men of the... Read More »

What type of house is your dream house and where would it be?

I think it would be cool to have a victorian type house in a big old tree.

How Can I Get College Applications Sent to My House?

Once upon a time, there was only one way to apply to college. A student sent a letter to the school requesting an application, she completed the form by hand, and mailed it back with the relevant m... Read More »

College student planning to co-sign to buy house?

On the fafsa application.Your credit scores/history had nothing to do with you getting financial aid as long as you don't plan on taking out those EVIL private student loans. Federal loans do not ... Read More »