Where did orange&lemon trees originate?

Answer According to the University of Hawaii Extension, both lemon and orange trees originated in south and southeast Asia, with China and India developing most species. Both species came to Florida aroun... Read More »

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Where did the coconut palm trees originate?

Botanists believe the coconut palm originated near the Indian Ocean, though its true history remains unknown. The coconut grows in tropical regions, and its distribution is widespread. India and th... Read More »

How to Feed Christmas Trees?

Christmas trees typically are the focal part of our home decorations--and they give Santa a place to leave gifts. Proper care of your tree, and knowing how to feed your Christmas tree, will ensure ... Read More »

How to Keep Christmas Trees Fresh?

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How to "Make 3 D Christmas Trees"?

More interesting than the usual flat and two-dimensional paper tree decoration, this 3D version is simple to make yet looks very effective when hung.