I just started to extremly sweat where my hair looks like I jumped in a pool. Sweating hard mean anything Where it has never been a problem before?

Answer Answersweating isn't necicarly a symptom, or it isn't very common if it is though when you are pregnant your body temp may increase take a test if you are concerned, thi smaybe something other than... Read More »

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Where was the bbc started?

Who founded AA and where was it started?

Businessman Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith were the founding fathers of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), a 12-step program to help people recover from alcoholism. The AA fellowship was formally establishe... Read More »

Where was the mafia started?

Although the Mafia is thought of as a Italian organization, it is more correctly associated with Siicily. The organization itself does not refer to itself as the mafia but as the Cosa Nostra- appro... Read More »

Where was Adidas started?

The history of Adidas dates back to 1920 when Adolf Dassler started making shoes in Germany. The company was first named Dassler. Adidas was registered as a company in 1949, and named after its fo... Read More »