Where did Bach learn music?

Answer Johann Sebastian Bach was born into a family containing 53 prominent musicians. His father, Johann Ambrosius Bach, was a town musician and gave Johann Sebastian his first lessons. After his father'... Read More »

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How to Learn Music Quickly?

You can acquire techniques for learning music quickly just as you can any other skill in music. The ability to take a piece of sheet music and play it from memory is based on a number of different ... Read More »

How to Learn Music Chords?

Learning chords on any instrument will help you play along with your favorite songs and improvise whenever you like. Chords on the piano are easy to play once you get the hang of it, and though it ... Read More »

How to Learn Korean Through Music?

The Korean language is one of the most difficult languages for an English-speaking person to master. In terms of difficulty, it can be compared to learning Chinese and Japanese. Korean is very simi... Read More »

How to Learn Vocal Music?

Sometimes it's hard to break out of today's pop music, but if you really want to, you can learn traditional, classical vocal music and improve your voice all-around!