Where did Anne Bonny prowl for treasure?

Answer Anne Bonny was a famous 18th century pirate who sailed the Caribbean with her comrades, including the infamous pirates Calico Jack Rackham and Mary Read. She was born in Ireland and relocated to Ch... Read More »

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How did Anne Bonny die?

While a lot of what is known about Anne Bonny is unverifiable and remains speculation, the legend of Anne's reign as a pirate is famous. Born around 1697 in Cork, Ireland, she was the daughter to W... Read More »

What nationality was Anne Bonny?

According to, Anne Bonny was a female pirate. She was born in Kinsale, Ireland, and was raised on a plantation in South Carolina. She sailed under the famous pirate, Calico Jack Rack... Read More »

Where is Anne Bonny buried?

The exact site at which Anne Bonny is buried is unknown, because there is no record of her life or death after her capture in 1720. According to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biographies, she w... Read More »

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