Where could my husband have hid the jager?

Answer I think some people hide booze in the tank behind the toilet. Helps make that morning dump a bit more bearable I suppose.

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Could my husband have a drinking problem?

You didn't cause it and you can't cure it. So get on the next train. Hope you were smart enough to save get away money. You don't love him anyway. Move on. You nagging is deplorable.It will only ma... Read More »

Husband has a two year old son with his ex-girlfriend husband wants some kind of custody agreement in writing Does everyone have to go to court or can a schedule be made and have it notarized?

A voluntary Parenting Agreement between the two is a very good idea. There is no need to go to court and if you can avoid court then please do. A parenting agreement can enforced by a simple hands... Read More »

I have an hp scanjet (scanner) that is discontinued but have broken the usb cable. Where could I get a new usb?

You need a USB-A to USB-B cable. These come in different lengths, so choose one that's right for the distance you wish to place the scanner away from the computer.The cables can be obtained at vir... Read More »

Could a woman breastfeed her husband if he was sick?

ok. all these people are being mean to you. im wont. i feel sorry for you. your just asking a question. answer: yes you probably could. but i dont think it would help an adult. 2. you should take h... Read More »