Where could I find grants for making an independent film?

Answer Try this site it lists alot of themIt has a list of organizations that give grants on a regular basis. >> SCREENWRITING GRANTS >>The Nicholl Fellowships in ScreenwritingThe Nicholl Fellowships in S... Read More »

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Where to find a second-hand DV camera for film-making?

If I were you, get a canon gl2. yeah, i know, you cant change the lens, but its got a 20x fluorite lens anyways, and besides, lenses cost a LOT of money. Also, its newer, has better quality, and is... Read More »

What camera is best for independent film making on a tight budget?

Worlds first consumer interchangeable NEX HandyCam…I so want this. The creativity you have is astounding.

There is a plant that grows wild in western North Carolina. The common term for it is brewer's sage and it is an alternative to hops in beer making. Where could you find it for cultivation?

Information on the use of Cinnamon fern can be found at the below link.

How to Be an Independent Film Maker?

Independent film making often produces the most thought-provoking, original, and sometimes controversial material in the film world. It's an incredible experience even if you only ever make a singl... Read More »