Where can you use spray foam insulation?

Answer Spray foam insulation is being used more often for insulating both large areas, such as attics and walls, and smaller areas that are harder to fill completely with traditional insulating materials... Read More »

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What are the dangers of spray foam insulation?

Spray polyurethane foam insulation is a good solution for many homeowners who need to replace older insulation. However, there are health risks and environmental problems associated with this kind ... Read More »

What is the cost of spray foam insulation per sq. ft?

According to Toolbase, spray foam insulation can cost more than traditional fiberglass insulation, but can save money in other areas. The air barrier formed can eliminate extra steps for air-tightn... Read More »

How much spray foam insulation do I need?

The amount of spray foam insulation needed varies depending on the square footage of the area being insulated, the type of building being insulated, and how thick the insulation needs to be.Source:... Read More »

Advantages of Foam Spray Roof Deck Insulation?

One way for homeowners to reduce their energy bill and energy use is to properly insulate their homes. One type of insulation for this purpose is spray foam insulation. This type of insulation is c... Read More »