Where can you trade in foreign currency?

Answer Those traveling to a foreign country find that inevitably they must exchange some of their dollars for local currency. If you manage to spend all the money you have exchanged, you don't have to wor... Read More »

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Where in Illinois can I trade in foreign currency?

Most financial institutions can direct you to local foreign currency exchanges, but the two most common firms in Illinois are Travelex and American Express Travel Service. Visit either company's we... Read More »

How to Trade in the Retail Off Exchange Foreign Currency Market?

Foreign exchange market, also known as Forex or FX market, is an over-the-counter (OTC) interbank market that allows big banks and brokers to exchange currencies. The 'retail' Forex market is a for... Read More »

Why trade currency?

Currency trading used to be isolated to central banks and large institutions, yet technology has now allowed many individual traders to take advantage of the benefits that this form of trading off... Read More »

How to Trade Global Currency?

Global currency trading is the process of trading one type of currency for a different type of denomination. The global currency trading market, or the Forex market as it is commonly called, is the... Read More »