Where can you sell herbs that you grow?

Answer Much depends on where you live and the amount you are growing. A very good outlet is the Farmer's Market. There is usually a web site for the local market with their particular rules, the schedule,... Read More »

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How to Grow & Sell Organic Herbs?

Herbs, bought dry or fresh, add delicious flavors when cooking. However, the use of pesticides might concern you. A healthier and more economical alternative is to grow your own herbs---and sell th... Read More »

How to Sell Fresh Cut Herbs?

Fresh herbs are used in culinary, cosmetic, decorative, and medicinal applications. Because of this, there is usually a high demand for these small plants, which can make growing and selling herbs ... Read More »

Why do you grow herbs?

so you dont have to go to the store & buy some and they taste good.We grow herbs because they are vital to the planet. The can be part of delicate food webs that sustain ecosystems. Also, herbs are... Read More »

Dye Herbs to Grow?

Herbs are easy-to-grow plants that thrive on neglect. Use herbs in a variety of craft projects for natural fragrance, or make natural dyes from them to dye fabric, natural plant material or fiber. ... Read More »