Where can you purchase vermiculite to repair your pool and how is it applied?

Answer Answer Vermiculite is available at Garden Centers. They use it in for plants and trees.Also, Home Depot and Lowes.Vinyl liner pools are built on the cheap. Rather than pour an 8" concrete bottom, ... Read More »

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Where can a Homeowner's Association purchase insurance for a summer outdoor pool?

Insurance for a Pool Local independent insurance agents are able to place "package policies" which include common area property values, common area general liability and swimming pool liability.

If you want to convert your pool to saltwater are there any chlorine generators that will accommodate a 48000-gallon pool and where should you look and what would you expect to pay?

48,000 Gallons? That's a big pool! Being in the pool service business, I have installed many chlorine generators in residential pools. I haven't come across a residential unit that will accomodat... Read More »

Can gunite be applied to a swimming pool on different days and still have structural integrity?

Yes the next day but after thatthe longer its left the Harder it gets.

Is it possible to do plaster repair on your swimming pool when there's water in it?

Replatering, Painting, Diamond Brite, Pebble Tech, etc. WILL NOT LAST.They only product I found that will last and is tested and proven is "Armor Guard"Armor Guard Coatings are a 100% solid thermos... Read More »