Where can you purchase vermiculite to repair your pool and how is it applied?

Answer Answer Vermiculite is available at Garden Centers. They use it in for plants and trees.Also, Home Depot and Lowes.Vinyl liner pools are built on the cheap. Rather than pour an 8" concrete bottom, ... Read More »

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Can gunite be applied to a swimming pool on different days and still have structural integrity?

Yes the next day but after thatthe longer its left the Harder it gets.

What chemicals do you have to purchase for a new 33x53 above ground swimming pool?

Chlorine: either in the form of tablets(99%) or liquid (12.5%).OR Bromine but you still should use some liquid chlorine even with this.Muriatic Acid, CYA = cyanuric acid/conditionerOther items you ... Read More »

Where can a Homeowner's Association purchase insurance for a summer outdoor pool?

Insurance for a Pool Local independent insurance agents are able to place "package policies" which include common area property values, common area general liability and swimming pool liability.

How to Repair a Cement Pool?

Over time, your plaster or cement swimming pool will crack and become worn down. Natural weathering, along with constant contact and water, all cause the cement to wear and break down. You can repa... Read More »