Where can you purchase thornless blackberry plants?

Answer The Loganberry is a hybrid thornless blackberry. You could do a web search to find a supplier in your area.

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How many varieties of thornless blackberry are there?

More than a dozen thornless blackberry plants are available for cultivation. They include Black Diamond, Black Pearl, Black Satin, Null, Dirksen, Nightfall, Navaho, Triple Crown, Thornless Wild, Ap... Read More »

When do I prune thornless blackberry vines?

Thornless blackberry vines are pruned in late winter to promote more fruit production during the next season. Laterals are pruned back in the spring to 12 inches, and new laterals are pruned in the... Read More »

Where do you purchase your plants for the garden?

depends on what it is i want.i like to propagate from cuttings & seeds, or buy packet seeds.for bigger plants or specialist shrubs, i would always go to a good garden centre with a decent reputatio... Read More »

Raspberry/blackberry plants & a few 's?

The planting instructions should be on the package or information available from the nursery. In my experience I would plant a couple of feet apart for cross pollination , mulch likely would not hu... Read More »