Where can you purchase an underwater digital camera?

Answer You can purchase underwater digital camera ins electronic stores, perhaps such as best buy. You may also purchase some in online stores, such as amazon.

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Can i use my digital camera to do underwater photography using ziploc bag as casing underwater?

You can definitely give it a try, but the risk is yours. You should get a proper underwater casing for your camera. If yours is a common brand or model, you should be able to get it easily from eba... Read More »

I want to purchase a camera but i am confused whether to purchase a digital or slr roll camera?

Digital camera's are becoming better all the time, however you will never beat the beautiful clarity of an slr. Try an Olympus, Canon or a Nikon, to get the best out of your photo's though find ou... Read More »

Where can you purchase a hewlett packard digital camera?

I do not know where you can purchase this camera specificly. I would say try any store that sells electroncis like best buy or amazon which sells everything. I hope you get some luck in figuring it... Read More »

Where to purchase sony digital video camera recorder?

You can purchase a sony digital video camera recorder at many locations. Your best options are amazon and eBay as they offer the best discounts and prices.