Where can you purchase a baby think it over doll?

Answer You can buy a baby think it over doll on Ebay.

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Baby doll recommendations! I am looking for a baby doll that would perhaps fit into newborn baby clothing?

I used to have a my buddy doll, but they make kid sisters. they're huge! my buddy (I named him andrew) was my size.…I don't think that link will post becau... Read More »

How to Look Like a Baby Doll?

The chubby cheeks, the bright eyes, the cute smile, who wouldn't want to look this cute?!

How to Name a Baby Doll?

If you want to have the perfect name for your doll, or baby doll, you are in the right place. You want a name that is good for the way your baby looks and interacts. (you will have to make that up)... Read More »

Do you get to name your baby think it over doll?

Yes you do. When your teacher goes to program the baby for you, you type in your name and what you would like to name your baby. Hope it helps!!Rhianne PattisonStudica assistantReal-Care baby 2Advi... Read More »