Where can you go to host a streaming move besides you tube?

Answer http://www.veoh.com

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How many GB does You Tube streaming use up.?

A good estimate would be 2.5 MB for each minute of video... or 150MB per hour...For 1GB, you can watch about 6.5 to 7 hours of video...Hope this helps...

You Tube videos still not streaming smoothly?

Reason 1 - Browser Issue. Try uninstalling and re installing Adobe Flash Player. also see if the problem occurs in other browsers.Reason 2 - Virus/Malware Infection.Get a good Antivirus softwareRea... Read More »

Whenever i watch streaming videos (you tube), it loads about a qtr of the bar and then refuses to load anymore?

I get that. Are you pausing till it's buffered? I think maybe it's being clever and knows you're not watching, so it's trying to save bandwidth.Let it play out in a minimised window with the sound ... Read More »

Should I be able to become a You Tube host?

I think you can never know unless you try doing this. Here we can say some judgemental words but you can easily succed on YouTube even if noone expects it. It is possible to know what people like o... Read More »