Where can you go to host a streaming move besides you tube?

Answer http://www.veoh.com

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How many GB does You Tube streaming use up.?

A good estimate would be 2.5 MB for each minute of video... or 150MB per hour...For 1GB, you can watch about 6.5 to 7 hours of video...Hope this helps...

You Tube videos still not streaming smoothly?

Reason 1 - Browser Issue. Try uninstalling and re installing Adobe Flash Player. also see if the problem occurs in other browsers.Reason 2 - Virus/Malware Infection.Get a good Antivirus softwareRea... Read More »

Whenever i watch streaming videos (you tube), it loads about a qtr of the bar and then refuses to load anymore?

I get that. Are you pausing till it's buffered? I think maybe it's being clever and knows you're not watching, so it's trying to save bandwidth.Let it play out in a minimised window with the sound ... Read More »

"Besides toothpaste name something sold in a tube?

Preperation HNeosporinVaselineCarmexAnchovie pasteCookie doughDesinexGlueMascaraDenture AdhesiveBraunswagerAutomotive greaseSuper GlueHamburger MeatFacial CremeNair hair removerSausage