Where can you go or who can you ask directly for a twitter shout out?

Answer You won't get to much followers throw shout outs unless you get someone with a really big community to advertise you. If you are willing to spend some bucks you can buy followers but I suggest a be... Read More »

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What was that show called where these weird creatures would shout Strong but Powerful or something whenever they solved their mission?

Possibly the Herculoids. one might add one of the verses of the Astro Boy theme song had the line- Small but only in Size. Rated power: 20o,000 HP. Nothing to play around with.

How do I connect my iPod directly to my 1996 Land Rover Discovery factory radio - does someone sell a cable that can be directly conected?

Answer I bought mine at one of the local large retailers. They run about $10-$20. The radio in the vehicle needs to be designed for it with an 'auxilary' jack in it. The other option is a device ... Read More »

Where can I watch or download porn directly on my iPod for free?

Where can you find a list of all American soldiers who directly participated in the D-Day invasion?

Answer There is none. If you know the unit that the Veteran was a member of on June 6, 1944, you can look them up in the unit history. If you do not know the unit, you are SOL.Today's news stated... Read More »