Where can you get water activated glue to gum paper?

Answer The hardware store has labels with water activated gum paper with little hooks. Anywhere that sells envelopes will have paper in the seal area as well as labels made of water activated glue paper.

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Do activated charcoal water filters remove dioxins from water?

Home Water Pro states that activated charcoal filters are effective at removing dioxins from water. Dioxins are often a by-product of herbicides and can be harmful to the kidneys, liver and lungs.R... Read More »

What type of glue should you use to glue leaves to paper?

White glue , Super glue . Leave it for about a few minutes for it to dry

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Can you hot glue paper to a box?

Yes, but be careful because you may be able to see the traces of glue through the paper. By the way, it kinda depends what material the box is made of because the heat from the glue could be damagi... Read More »