Where can you get sweater with headphones?

Answer Studios have better bass but pro's have better clarity.

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How do you wash a sweater with built in headphones in it?

I am not sure exactly how to wash the sweater but I believe that you can wash it normally. I wouldn't imagine that they would make the sweater with headphones and not allow you to wash it. I have r... Read More »

Do you wash headphone sweater with headphones in it?

Yes, you can actually was the sweater like any other sweater. The only thing you can't do is dry it. This will cause the wires to split.

Where can you buy headphones with 2.5 jack?

They are called Beats (b) and they are by hip hop artist Dr. DR E

How to Make a Sweater Dress Out of an Oversized Sweater Shirt?

The sweater dress is a fashion icon that has withstood the test of time. Like so many fashion trends that have come and gone -- and come again -- what was old is new again when it comes to the swea... Read More »