Where can you get plain mint ice cream?

Answer Dairy Queen

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Can you substitute sour cream for low-fat plain yogurt?

On One Hand: Sour Cream Can Be SubstitutedSour cream can be substituted for plain yogurt. Use one cup of sour cream for each cup of yogurt in the recipe. Buttermilk and sour milk can also replace y... Read More »

Why aren't there plain vanilla ice cream bars?

Do you mean vanilla ice cream in the middle? If that's what you mean, then there are plenty to go around. Vanilla on the outside is not as common, though. I've never seen that.

Butter Sour Cream or plain how do you like your baked/sweet potato?

Baked Potato - Chili, cheese, sour creamBaked Sweet Potato - Butter only

How to Make Faux Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream?

For you kids out there, you know that it is like a mom thing to like mint choco. chip ice cream! Well thats fine, unless you aren't a fan. But now you can make her happy, at least before she actual... Read More »