Where can you get plain mint ice cream?

Answer Dairy Queen

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Can you substitute sour cream for low-fat plain yogurt?

On One Hand: Sour Cream Can Be SubstitutedSour cream can be substituted for plain yogurt. Use one cup of sour cream for each cup of yogurt in the recipe. Buttermilk and sour milk can also replace y... Read More »

Why aren't there plain vanilla ice cream bars?

Do you mean vanilla ice cream in the middle? If that's what you mean, then there are plenty to go around. Vanilla on the outside is not as common, though. I've never seen that.

Where can you buy moroccan mint seeds aka Mentha spicata var crispa the leaves of which are used in Moroccan mint tea online?

I just bought a small seedling of this from a plant nursery specialising in herbs. This lady had an amazing collection of herbs and sells at my local farmer's market. Looking for a nursery speciali... Read More »

How to Make a Irish Cream Mint Chocolate Drink?

A minty liqueur treat that can be enjoyed any day of the year, especially the holidays. Create your own during the festivities.