Where can you get living history reenactors insurance?

Answer To date only the NRA endorsed insurance for reenactors. I know Carpenter Insurance used to offer it but they no longer have new policies available.Yates Insurance provides this type of coverage. Co... Read More »

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Where to get Health insurance for indepentent 19 year old living in NY State?

A Complete Health Insurance Guide Here is an excellent site with some wonderful options 4 U.

Where can you get travel insurance from as an expat living in Kuwait you have a british passport?

How about Lloyds of London?! Contact your agent in UK to access Travel insurance. Alternatively, AIG, ACE and others offer coverage, and you may be able ot access all of them locally in Kuwait.

Whattype of insurance do you need when you reach retirement age where assisted living needs may exist?

Long Term Care insurance. But you will need to buy it while you are younger and healthier prior to needing it!

When and where was medical insurance first offered and what is a good source of the industry history?

Answer Check out this article more info see