Where can you get living history reenactors insurance?

Answer To date only the NRA endorsed insurance for reenactors. I know Carpenter Insurance used to offer it but they no longer have new policies available.Yates Insurance provides this type of coverage. Co... Read More »

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If you suspend health insurance for 3 months while you are out of the country does it put anything negative in your insurance history and will you be able to get competitive rates when you return?

Answer What you need to do is see how much it will be for out of network providers in case you get hurt in another Country. Do you think that Country will pick up your medical tab if you get hurt... Read More »

Social Security: History of Cost of Living Increase?

Your Social Security check is a fixed amount based on government-mandated criteria. However, prior to 1972, these criteria didn't include protection against the rising cost of living due to inflati... Read More »

Can UK residents get US auto insurance with UK insurance history?

No you will likely be rated as a new driver. Almost no, US insurance company will be williing to apply your foreign driving record to your US policy.

Is there a cutoff age for your son to add a car in his name to your insurance policy if he is NOT living with you and is 24?

Ther is no specific cutoff age. The question is This. Do you have a financial interest in insuring his vehicle or it's insurance?. If you have no financial interest in his auto insurance coverage, ... Read More »