Where can you get baby think it over in your area?

Answer You cannot get the babies just around anywhere, but if you want a cheap non working one there are many on Ebay. There are also working ones but they are very exspensive.

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Your partner feels at times a very strong pulse her's not the baby's in the lower stomach area - could the baby be pressing against her artery etc?

Answer It is not the baby pressing on an artery, simply that the blood flow to the uterus is much greater in pregnancy that in times of quiet she may be aware of it.

How to Create a Baby Play Area on Club Penguin?

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What should the location of the baby be in relation to the navel area of your stomach?

Answer That depends how far along the person is. We measure to the top of the uterus (the "fundus") at each visit to check for normal growth of the baby. For most women, the top of the uterus reach... Read More »

How to Decorate a Nursery Area in a One Bedroom Apartment for a New Baby?

Making room for your new baby in your one bedroom apartment is possible if you have a corner or special space designated as the nursery. Although you probably don't want to decorate the entire bedr... Read More »