Where can you get baby think it over in your area?

Answer You cannot get the babies just around anywhere, but if you want a cheap non working one there are many on Ebay. There are also working ones but they are very exspensive.

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Where can you purchase a baby think it over doll?

Do you get to name your baby think it over doll?

Yes you do. When your teacher goes to program the baby for you, you type in your name and what you would like to name your baby. Hope it helps!!Rhianne PattisonStudica assistantReal-Care baby 2Advi... Read More »

Big blue trees all over the hillsides all over sout cal area in bloom now. What are they Where?

STOP! LADY, you DO NOT want that tree. If you never took anybody advise before, you'll be glad you took mine. That tree is a living nightmare that haunts every yard you see it in. just like you... Read More »

You had a baby 3 weeks ago and had 3 stitches over the past week you have felt sore down below you had a bath today and felt a lump bubble at the side of the opening where your baby came out?