Where can you get a table top stand attachment for your HDTV?

Answer Base stand which cannot move around in horizontal plane direction as it seen in Swivel Stand

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Does a HDTV come with a stand?

Yes virtually every HDTV will come with a pedestal stand. Over the past few years there have been a handful of exceptions. Pioneer Elite Monitors and Panasonic 65" TV's did not come with a pedestal... Read More »

What does HDTV stand for?

How to Put Together an HDTV Swivel Stand?

HDTV swivel stands are stands that allow flat-screen televisions to swivel 360 degrees. They offer viewing convenience for someone sitting at any angle to the television. Stands like this can be qu... Read More »

How do we remove the tv stand from our 26 insignia hdtv?

You have to build a PERFECT snowman. When you build him he will say something like "Oh man thanks kid I am perfect" Then wait a few days and he will send you a letter with a gift in it, in the mail... Read More »