Where can you get a remote control for Sony dz260?

Answer want power up

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How do you program your sharp aquos remote control to control a sony home theater system?

You cannot control your Sony Receiver with your Sharp TV remote. Sharp remotes can control many brands of DVD and Blu-Ray players, but only Sharp receivers. You should program your Sony receiver's... Read More »

How Do you Program a Sharp Aquos remote control to control a Sony tv?

Sharp Aquos is a brand of TV. You can't program it to control another brand of TV.

How do i get HD quality sound from my ps3 and Sony DAV-DZ260 home theatre?

The surround sound receiver is going to play back whatever format is put into it. If you have a player (PS3) that is capable of decoding the HD sound formats, then the receiver will play them (as ... Read More »

How do I program my Sony remote control?

A wide variety of Sony remote controls exist which can be programmed. These remotes vary in the number of options they have on them and the ease with which you can do things, but all are virtually ... Read More »