Where can you get a nikon charger?

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Camera Charger: I lost the charger to my Nikon Coolpix digital camera.?

My guess would be that if the battery fits, it will be fine. However, I'd be checking it first.Try looking up the specs on Nikon's website for BOTH cameras to compare the requirements. Hopefully it... Read More »

Can you use an American Nikon charger in the UK?

Check the back of the charger, if it says "100-240volts" than yes.

Where can you buy a charger for a nikon coolpix s60 cam?

The Nikon CoolPix takes SD or SDHC cards. The largest right now (August 2009) are 32 Gb cards though it appears that Toshiba are launching 64 Gb SDXC cards soon and 128 Gb and on up to 2 Tb cards a... Read More »

Blinking Nikon Charger?

When you take the battery off, and then put it back on again, the charger has to analyze the battery and start charging. During this time, it will blink. After a few minutes, when the charger sen... Read More »