Where can you get a nappy?

Answer the super market durr

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How to Tie a Nappy?

Changing your baby's nappy can be a messy business, but it is necessary to avoid diaper rash, a mess and a stinky smell. Nappies can be an ideal alternative to store-bought diapers, though the mess... Read More »

How to Fix a Nappy Weave?

A nappy weave is urban slang, meaning a hair piece that is tangled and unmanageable. Fixing a nappy weave is a straightforward procedure -- although you must follow the correct steps to avoid damag... Read More »

How to Curl Nappy Hair?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, nappy is a term describing kinky hair. If you have nappy or very tightly coiled hair, it is fragile due to its thin and one-dimensional strands. As a re... Read More »

Nappy Hair Tips?

Caring for nappy or kinky hair can be a challenge. Many of the conventional, tried and true hair care rules simply do not apply to kinky hair's naturally gravity-defying coils and curls. Despite it... Read More »