Where can you buy fake teeth?

Answer You get them from your dentist or pharmacy by prescription

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Where to get a fake phone number?

To get a fake phone number there are many options:, Aim phone are two options. I prefer privatephone because you are allowed to call out anonymously for free. After I listen to any... Read More »

Where to find fake index finger?

Try a magic shop. They might sell one that is used in illusions to fool the audience.

Where can you order realistic fake braces?

you can go to and they have realistic looking fake braces in a variety of colors. they are costly, but worth it.

Where can u buy fake earrings or belly rings?

I not sure about the fake belly ring, but you can get magnetic earrings or clip ons for your ears. Try a store like Claire's. I used to buy magnetic earrings there before I had my ears pierced.