Where can you get 38 long colt rounds?

Answer for $30 plus shipping for 50 rounds.

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How would you convert rounds per minute to rounds per second?

If you're looking for the amount of time between one shot and the next, divide 60 by the RPM. For example, an AK-47 has a RPM of 600. You would do: 60 divided by 600. (Which equals 0.1)If you're lo... Read More »

When was the 45 Long Colt cartridge invented?

Proper name is simply .45 Colt (no long)- but that does not bother anyone not a gun purist. My references list both 1872 and 1873. Originally a black powder cartridge.

Can you fire a 357 round out of a 38 long colt pistol?

No. .38 Long Colt was the forerunner to .38 Special- and was originally a black powder cartridge. The .38 Special is more powerful- the .357 magnum is MUCH more powerful. Neither the Special nor t... Read More »

Can you fire 38 special round from a 38 long colt?