Where can you find the declamation piece entitled a glass of water?

Answer Kids can get scalded by the hot water in the "HOT TUB".

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Where do you find a copy of the declamation piece entitled you kill him because you love him?

That would depend upon the publication and the size of the print. Of course, Death of a Salesman is a play written by Artur Miller and is intended to be seen on stage in order to gain its full impa... Read More »

Can you give me an example of the declamation piece titled Love and friendship?

I need a declamation piece for my 6 year old daughter,pls send me one.any topic that is easy to memorize?

A Minor Bird By Robert FrostI have wished a bird would fly away,And not sing by my house all day;Have clapped my hands at him from the doorWhen it seemed as if I could bear no more.The fault mu... Read More »

What should you do if you find someone with a piece of glass sticking out of their arm?

First, call the emergency services (ambulance and medics).First AidDo not try to remove the piece of glass. If the patient is standing, get the person to sit or lay down. Wrap a towel around the gl... Read More »