Where can you find the cheapest airline tickets?

Answer Kayak is the world's largest travel search site. Customers are able to search for flights, hotels and car rental rates online, using Kayak's travel database. Kayak offers the cheapest airline ticke... Read More »

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What's The Cheapest Place To Find Airline Tickets For An Unaccompanied Minor?

I have found a fare from Delta for $116.10 which is the lowest that I could find, but their unaccompanied minor fee is $100 each way. Most airlines fee is $100. HOWEVER I did find a flight from Sou... Read More »

When is it cheapest to buy airline tickets?

Airline tickets are most expensive on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Monday night is when air fare discounts are applied, which is why most people purchase their tickets on Tuesdays. Airlines start... Read More »

When are airline tickets cheapest?

According to research on airline ticket price myths, the best time to buy the cheapest plane tickets is at the beginning of the week. The prices tend to go up as the week goes on and also buying yo... Read More »

When are airline tickets the cheapest?

According to Market Watch, fare increases generally take effect on Thursday nights and airline tickets are most expensive on the weekends. This makes Tuesday or Wednesday the best days for purchasi... Read More »