Where can you find the best Italian Beef in Chicago?

Answer This question make evoke several places and usually does. I have never had a "bad" Italian beef sandwich in Chicago. I've had poor attempts in other cities and towns but competition i... Read More »

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How much italian beef?

3 lbs. should be fine along with the other food you are having..

Are chicago hot dogs made out of all beef or they have some pork in it?

From what I understand the more accurate name would be Chicago "style" hot dog. To be authentic the hot dog must be all beef (including the casing). If you are purchasing hot dogs you would need ... Read More »

I am an Italian with fluent English looking for a job in Chicago?

how bout you just look through the Classified/Ad's for a local newspaper in Chicago... and see wat they got thereor tell Imi to help ya look

Italian Restaurants in Downtown Chicago?

Chicago was a "port of call" for Italian immigrants at the turn of the 20th century, and there remains a vibrant Italian-American population in the city today. The result is a large number of Itali... Read More »