Where can you find the atomic weight in a periodic table?

Answer Periodic tables of the elements list the atomic mass of each element underneath its atomic number and atomic symbol. The atomic mass of an element, sometimes referred to as its atomic weight, is th... Read More »

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Where on the Periodic Table is the atomic number and atomic mass located?

The Periodic Table of Elements is composed of all the known elements of the natural world, listed in order of increasing atomic number. Most charts list each atom in rows of boxes with the element'... Read More »

Where is the atomic number on the periodic table?

The atomic number of an element in the periodic table sits above the element's symbol. Depending on the table you are using, it can be in the right or left corner or directly above the symbol. The ... Read More »

Who created the Periodic Table based on atomic numbers?

Dimitri Mendeleev (1834-1907) is credited as the inventor of the Periodic Table of the Elements. Henry Mosely, an English physicist, refined and improved the table in 1914 by basing it on atomic nu... Read More »

How Do I Show the Atomic Radii Groups on a Periodic Table?

The atomic radius is the distance from the center of an atom to the outside of its electron cloud. Each element of the periodic table has its own atomic radius, and some have larger atomic radii th... Read More »