Where can you find pictures of Usher's new baby boy?

Answer You can find pictures either on or

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What should you do if you're 16 and already had a baby and then 7 months later you find out you're pregnant again and you don't want your parents to find out and you don't want to keep the baby?

Unwanted Pregnancy There are several options for you. First off, I would tell your parents right away. Hopefully they can help you. There IS the possibility of abortion without parental consent ... Read More »

What Do Wedding Ushers Wear?

An usher's wedding day clothing depends on the theme and style of the wedding, as well as the wishes of the bride and groom. Most brides request that ushers match the groomsmen, wear their own form... Read More »

Who ushers the mother of the groom into the pew?

An usher escorts the mother of the groom into the pew, according to Reverend Renate Anne Daversa, a wedding officiant in San Diego. If one of the groomsmen is a family member, you may want to entru... Read More »

The Proper Etiquette for Church Ushers?

Church ushers help guide worshippers to their seats before a service starts. While church rules and forms of etiquette vary for each church, especially in different countries, basic rules of etique... Read More »