Where can you find monocot seeds?

Answer on a corn cob

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What Are Different Types of Monocot Seeds?

Plant biologists have divided plants into two groups: monocot and dicot. These differ in seed coating, number of cotyledons, arrangement of leaves at germination, arrangement of the flower petals a... Read More »

Where could I find these seeds What should I do?

You can buy a couple of apples at the nearest grocery store. Same with oranges, grapefruit, cucumber, tomatoes. Same with peas (they grow in pods). Same with yellow or green runner beans. And ... Read More »

Is a gardenia a monocot?

No, a gardenia isn't a monocot. It's a member of the class that's called Eudicotyledon. The eudicots are known as true dicots.

Is a turnip a monocot?

A turnip is not a monocot. It falls into the dicot category, mainly due to its root system. Turnips have a taproot, or one main root from which other roots sprout. Taproots have a soft texture and ... Read More »