Where can you find ipod shuffle earphones at?

Answer Alexander Graham Bell worked on devices that would help kids and adults who had severe hearing loss. One of his devices was a single headphone that could effectively deliver loud sound to a deaf pe... Read More »

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How to Find Songs on an iPod Shuffle?

Apple's iPod Shuffle is unique in that it is the only entry in the iPod series of portable electronics that does not have some kind of an LED or LCD screen on its face. Because if this, it can be d... Read More »

Are ipod touch earphones universal earphones?

Ipod Shuffle without a shuffle button(!)?

Hi,Call me stupid but I think your answer to the question is in the heading of the question you have asked.... I mean come on, it can't be a SHUFFLE IPOD if it has NO SHUFFLE BUTTON!!!Have a look a... Read More »

You have an ipod 3rdG nano and an ipod shuffle how do you sync from the same itunes library?

Simple just plug them both into the same computer and click snyc