Where can you find help babysitting a seven-week-old baby?

Answer Answer Please do an internet search on how to care properly for a baby that age. How is it you have come into the care of a 7 week old baby unaware of how to care for it in the first place? Answer... Read More »

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How Many Hours a Day Should a Seven Week Old Baby Be Sleeping?

Beauty comes with a price, but should not cause pain, despite what some people say. For instance, you may have tried waxing the hair on your body and face, only to be left in tears. You might wonde... Read More »

What week can I find out the gender of my baby?

Using ultrasound, you'll be able to determine the gender of your baby between the 18th and 26th weeks of pregnancy. Amniocentesis can provide the results between the 8th and 18th weeks, but carries... Read More »

How to Help a Two-Week-Old Baby With a Cold?

Young babies are especially susceptible to colds and other illnesses because their immune systems are immature. Watching your baby struggle with simple cold symptoms like a runny nose, a light feve... Read More »

Whats the earliest week in pregnancy that you can find out the gender of your baby?