Colleges in Tempe, Arizona?

Answer Tempe, Arizona is in the southeastern part of metropolitan Phoenix, the state capital. This part of the Valley of the Sun is home to numerous colleges which offer programs for a diverse range of in... Read More »

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ANYONE: Does the Valley Light rail (in Arizona) take you to/near Graham Cantral Station in Tempe, AZ?

Checking their maps and Google Earth, it look like at LEAST a 5 mile walk from the Tempe Transit Center to your destination.It seems though you can grab the #62 bus there and get within just a few ... Read More »

Where can I find a bubble popper?

The bubble ******* drives me crazy.It's so irratating, especially when I spell somethingcorrect and says that I didn't.and No, I don't like the new bubble. dnfjkfhjas When I got on and saw the new ... Read More »

Please help me find curtains that match this bubble guppies bedding?

pick a solid color from the bedding and use it

Will a soap bubble made from a cold temperature bubble solution last longer?

Soap bubbles last longest in a cold solution as opposed to a warm solution because the of the evaporation caused by hotter temperatures. At colder temperatures, the bubbles take much longer to evap... Read More »