Where can you find a tobacco pouch for iPhone 4?

Answer Around 150£ if you don't have warranty. If you do should be nothing

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How much is a 250g pouch of tobacco in switzerland?

Aproximately 10 CHF  … give me a brand and i'll go check

Can the magnet on your cell phone pouch damage your iPhone 4?

Because one starts with an "a" and one starts with a "w"...

Where can I find the best glass 'tobacco' bowls?

If you are willing to go up to $100 then this is the pipe for your "tobacco". It's a water pipe so it cools the smoke and makes it less harsh on your throat (ie less coughing). You should cruise th... Read More »

Do regular tobacco stores sell zig zag rolling machines and papers or do I have to find a roll your own store?

You should be able to find the papers in most stores.