Where can you find a site the has a pic and description of every controll in the 11th doctor's TARDIS from Doctor Who?

Answer I'm not too sure about a website (although you could try the official BBC Doctor Who website) but 'The TARDIS Handbook' by Steve Tribe has some quite detailed photographs and descriptions of the co... Read More »

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Looking for a tumblr post that was a picture of the TARDIS from doctor who in the woods?…This one is sixth months old; I'm not sure if you're thinking of a different version that was written but this was the one I could find (Google images was... Read More »

Where you can get the tardis sound effect used in the lodger when Amy tries to land the tardis but it fails to materialize?

"Sammy's got demon blood in him. You might have to kill him."

Personality wise, what is the difference between the 9th, 10, and 11th Doctor Who?

9th was all Business, he seemed more Technical and had an almost military like-precision and attitude when i t came to fighting. He was also sarcastic, sassy, caring, protective, and a great leader... Read More »

Where can you find pictures of other TARDIS rooms?

If you look at the end of the first David Tennant episode (the one with the Sycorax) then you'll see him rooting around for clothes near a huge staircase in the Tardis.