Where can you find a remote control blimp?

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Where can you go on the internet to find the control codes for a 1056bo1 universal remote control?

Since there are hundreds of codes for many models I have listed the link below in the link section which is right below this answer box.

You have no remote control for proline dfv12 freeview stb how can you find code number using fairly old black diamond universal remote control?

Where can you find discounts on a sky remote control?

Sky remote controls are often very expensive, as Sky have the monopoly on producing them. You can often find them on eBay for a discount price, but it's hard.

Where can I find a universal television remote control?

You can find a universal television remote control anywhere these days, including Walmart and Best Buy, which are the two best places to shop for these, because they are cheaper, and they have lots... Read More »