Where can you find a persimmon tree?

Answer Answer There are two great mail order nurseries that I have used and LOVE.... Raintree in Washington and Edible Landscaping in Virginia. Both have a varied selection of plants, trees, etc...includi... Read More »

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Where does a wild persimmon tree grow?

Oriental persimmons grow wild in China, Japan and in the Korean areas. American and Texas persimmons grow wild in the New England states south through Florida and as far west as Texas.Source:Tree T... Read More »

Is a persimmon tree fragrant?

The persimmon tree produces small, fragrant flowers, according to Nature Hills Nursery. These flowers later mature into persimmons, which have a fragrance of their own. Persimmons have a strong, mu... Read More »

American Persimmon Tree Facts?

American or common persimmon trees (Diospyros virginiana) are striking in the wintertime, when they've shed their leaves but still have round globes of bright orange fruit. These hardy native fruit... Read More »

What is the height of a dwarf persimmon tree?

At maturity, dwarf persimmon trees vary from 35 to 60 feet in height. Small oranges grow on the trees in the summer season, though they don't become sweet until after the first frost.References:Fas... Read More »