Where can you find a condominium organizational chart?

Answer Your condominium association is organized based on some type of legal corporation, usually a non-profit. Your board of directors can draw an organizational chart for you, or perhaps your management... Read More »

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Where can you find a sample corporate organizational chart for a condominium high rise?

You can read the governing documents and determine from them what the structure of the board of directors might be.Usually, the board is made up of an odd number of members -- to preclude tie votes... Read More »

Why is an organizational chart used?

An organizational chart represents all the departments and staff of a company. With this chart, stakeholders in the business can understand the prevalent authority-responsibility setup and work rel... Read More »

What is an organizational chart in hospitals?

Hospital organizational charts display the inner structure of the hospital or hospital hierarchy, according to EdrawSoft, graphic designers of hospital organizational charts. The chart is color cod... Read More »

What is an organizational flow chart?

Organizational flow charts use boxes or shapes to organize levels or steps in a process, according to Edraw Soft, a company that creates flow charts. The boxes are linked with lines, showing relati... Read More »