Where can you find a baby zebra in Illinois?

Answer I would look for the closest animal reserve, and see if they have any extra zebras. If their arent any around you, try the closest zoo.

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What do you call a baby zebra?

Baby zebras are called foals or colts. Healthy zebras breed every 18 to 24 months. In captivity, the time in between breeding is extended by several months. Births usually occur between July and Au... Read More »

When is a zebra baby usually born?

According to the Discover Life website, baby zebras are usually born between October and March, which is the rainy season in East Africa. The website indicates that most births occur in January. Fe... Read More »

What color is a baby zebra?

Baby zebras are born with brown and white stripes. As the young zebra matures, the stripes will become black and white. Zebras are part of the horse family. A young zebra is called a foal, the same... Read More »

When does a baby zebra finch sleep?

Baby zebra finches are popular pets, but their sleeping habits are confusing. They sleep at varying times throughout the day, and they can sleep for several straight hours, especially if their cage... Read More »