Where can you download these MMD (miku miku dance) models?

Answer Kasane Teto: Rock shooter: Read More »

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Miku Miku Dance PMD Editor Help!!?

i had the SAME EXACT PROBLEM like, two days ago.i have windows 7 too.and it is not and installation issue. it's the version that you are downloading. I think it just freaks out with Windows 7 compu... Read More »

How to Cosplay Miku Hatsune?

Miku Hatsune is a pop diva in Japan, did I mention she's not even a real person? Its a computer program called Vocaloid. This will tell you how to cosplay as her!

How to Make Your Own Miku Costume?

Hatsune Miku is the female character in the Japanese singer synthesizer application by the same name. As the first character in a series of vocal characters, Miku is described as a teenage singing ... Read More »

Does kaito kiss miku?

I believe...that he does.But he probably doesn't mean it.Its in some of the duets that they sang together.Like Canterella (something like that.)But for some reason I do think they have a little crush