Where can you download fruits basket song - for fruits baskets?

Answer I would suggest a site like Gendou, just Google it and then sign up (it's free) and you will be able to download any anime music on the site or if your afraid to get a virus just download it on fro... Read More »

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Why is fruits basket named fruits basket?

Because in the past when Tohru Honda was little, they played a game called Fruits Basket. Her classmates always told her she was a riceball (Onigiri) and never called on her, so she was left out. B... Read More »

What r hard fruits soft fruits stone fruits citrus tropical?

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What song is playing in the background of Fruits Basket episode 23 when Tohru is walking home and remembering her mother and is interrupted by Ritsu apologizing to a cat?

It's called "A Thaw." Look up "Fruits Basket A Thaw" on youtube and some videos should come up. In the show it sounded more music-boxish, but the only version I could find is more piano, but it sti... Read More »

Which chapter does ayame show up in fruits baskets?