Where can you dock a floating home?

Answer A floating home offers a unique alternative to standard housing. Whether you choose to live in a houseboat or just vacation in one, there are plenty of marinas where you can live, relax and enjoy y... Read More »

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Do-It-Yourself: Floating Dock?

A floating dock makes a good addition to any waterfront property. Whether for swimming, boating, fishing or just catching some sun, a floating dock is an easy project that will provide hours. ... Read More »

Can a Sony Dock RDP X200ip be used for Home Theater?

I'm not sure what you mean by home theater. However, there are two audio inputs to this product. The Apple connector where you connect your iPod and the Auxiliary Audio In. If you connect a line... Read More »

What part of a floating point number is actually doing the floating?

The decimal is the part of a floating point number that does the "floating." The name "floating point number" is derived from the fact that there isn't a fixed number of digits before or after the ... Read More »

Why is my TV floating in the air?

You're going to need an old priest and a young priest.- 17R3W