Where can you dispose of a refrigerator?

Answer Call your local city or county government office that handles "solid waste disposal" and ask them. They have all the dope on recycling and disposal of everything from appliances to chemicals to mot... Read More »

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Where do you dispose of an old monitor?

call your city or county...there is usually a place for you to bring it too!

Where can I dispose of old textbooks?

Websites such as, or will buy old textbooks or allow you to sell the books through their sites. The books must be relatively new, under 10 years old and in good con... Read More »

Where should you dispose of weeds and grass clippings?

If you have enough room, you may want to start a compost pile. It is very eco-friendly and can be done with grass, peach pits, watermelon rinds, and basically anything else that is natural. IN ADDI... Read More »

Where can you buy refrigerator weatherstripping?